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A man-lift is a type of aerial lift that is constructed to lift a person up and down vertically. Safety is the number one factor in utilizing a scissor lift / man lift. It is used in construction to reach high areas for installation or maintenance purposes. For extreme heights, ladders are not an option. Scissor lift / man lifts are usually the only option to safely reach high work areas. All scissor lift / man lifts are equipped with safety rails and emergency shut-off switches to assure worker safety. Scissor lift / man lifts can reach heights that other equipment cannot. Scissor lift / man lifts reach heights of 12' to a height of 53'. The smaller units are small enough to bring inside to lift workers to do finishing work in structures such as hotels, sports arenas, and large office buildings. For inside applications scissor lift / man lifts can be powered by an electric motor which eliminates the hazard of noxious fumes.

At American Aerial Equipment, we offer scissor lift rental options to customers in Rhode Island ( RI ), Massachusetts ( MA ), and Connecticut ( CT ).

For outside use, scissor lift / man lifts can come equipped with a diesel or dual fuel engine, four wheel drive with all terrain tires. This enables the scissor lift / man lifts to keep moving through harsh job site conditions. The scissor lift / man lifts can also come equipped with outriggers for use on uneven surfaces that add stability when operating the unit.

Before operating a scissor lift / man lift the operator is REQUIRED to read the safety manual that is located on the unit typically in a hard plastic container.

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